Happy Birthday Cake Images

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Happy Birthday Cake Images: Cakes can be quite different, they can be wedding cakes, christmas cakes or birthday cakes, but i can tell you Happy Birthday Cakes are probably the best out of the lot, not just because it is of your taste or choice but because it is one of the happy moment where you just forget about everything and enjoy the Birthday Celebration and especially the cake. You may spend heavy money on wedding cakes but it can’t match your creamy birthday cake.

Birthday cake’s have been around since middle of 19th century, there are few rituals which are associated with cutting of birthday cake, these include lighting of candles and then blowing them just before cutting the cake. Other traditions include singing of birthday songs and dancing.

Birthday celebrations are done in different way in different countries and areas, in many countries the regular tradition is followed, the song “Happy Birthday to You” is sung and then followed by clapping. In some places the birthday person (male or female) will taste the birthday cake before distributing the birthday cake to the others.

Happy Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cake Images

You can find tons of Birthday Cake Photos, Birthday Cake Pictures & Birthday Cake Designs on the internet but we have selected few special ones which you can check out below. We will soon be releasing a collection of Birthday Wallpapers and other stuff, keep updated with our latest post.

plain birthday cake
A Plain Birthday Cake
Heart Red and White Birthday Cake
heart shaped birthday cake
Heart shaped birthday cake
Happy Birthday Cake
Chocolate Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Images
Creamy Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake Images

These were some awesome and yummy looking designer looking birthday cakes. We will soon be adding more great designer birthday cakes pictures so you could easily show them up at the bakery shop and give a pleasant surprise for your loved ones.

If you like socializing you can create some awesome designs and birthday cake pictures and send the birthday person and wish them on facebook, through a greeting mail or through other social media sites. You could even add some birthday quotes and birthday cards to show your love and care.

These Days more creative ideas are coming to decorate the birthday cake, these include adding a picture of the birthday person, name of the birthday written with dark chocolate, picture of the favourite actor, cartoon character and even picture of the favourite place or food.Some people like normal cakes, these are vanilla cake with nuts, a chocolate cake, a strawberry cake or fruit cakes.

Birthday Cake Recipe

Birthday cakes are not that difficult to bake and can be prepared in short time with just some care and precision, all you need to do is to follow few instructions and you will be able to create a birthday cake at home.

Firstly i recommend you all to have a look here and check various different recipes for creating a birthday cake, i started with creating a chocolate cake and was successful in creating one after few revisions.

Now i would like you to check out this video for creating mini birthday cakes and getting started with cake making.

If you have gone through the video, you will notice the video explains clearly how one can easily create birthday cakes, you can go through more videos where you can learn the art of making birthday cakes. Creating cakes at home will add a good habit to your life, make you and the birthday person happy and save some money, but this does not mean that i am telling you to compromise with the quality of the ingredients of the cake.

Creating a cake is only the half job done, the half include decorating the cake and presenting your cake in a best possible manner.

Decorating a birthday cake make be a tough task and require some skills and patience, but to make it easier check out the video below and see how you too can decorate birthday cakes awesomely. I recommend you to test out new designs and share them with us.

Presenting a Birthday Cake

No matter how good your birthday cake taste but if you are not able to present it in a good way it will not make you and the birthday person happy. While presenting the birthday cake do remember certain points.

Make sure the birthday cake is baked well and is suitable for eating.
Check if the cake is cooled down and then pack the cake.
Try and make the decorations simple specially if you have to carry your cake away from home, so that the decorations you have made are perfect and the cake maintains its outlook.
You should carry few candles, a knife. You can carry other birthday accessories like birthday caps and birthday cards if you want.
Implementing these few points will help you present your self made cake in best possible way and obviously make the birthday person happy.

Birthday Cakes
Birthday cakes for everyone are different as everyone have their personal choice and taste, Birthday person may like different birthday cakes for himself than what you want. In the upcoming days you will find various birthday cake ideas, 1st 18th,50th images, design, ideas and much more stuff. Do stay connected with us and find lots of interesting related stuff for fun, enjoyment and happiness.

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